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Jump Start CSS


  • 150 pg
  • ★★★★⋆

Your flying start into the visual and vibrant world of CSS

Jump Start CSS

If you think CSS is just fonts and colors, think again. CSS is the special sauce that has taken the web from a boring, plain text world to the rich, beautiful web of today!

Powerful and dynamic, CSS is a fundamental web technology for both developers and designers. Simply put, CSS is a prerequisite for all web professionals.

What you'll learn

Get up to speed with CSS, and in just a weekend.

  • Nail the basics – syntax, selectors, the cascade and specificity
  • Use current best-practice layouts and position methods
  • Styling navigation, backgrounds, and embedding custom fonts
  • Implement state of the art responsive web design techniques
  • Unleash impressive CSS3 features–transitions, animations, & more ŽŽ- Design and layout a complete website from scratch with CSS

Who should do this

This book is for anyone new to web design and development—no prior CSS knowledge necessary.

Code Archive

Save time, download the code archive here

  • ★★★★☆

    I've read a few other CSS books before. But, still I understood a couple of things better now than I did.
About the Author
Who Should Read This Book
Conventions Used
Supplementary Materials
Want to take your learning further?
1. An Introduction to CSS
The Sample Project
How are web pages built?
What Is CSS?
How do I include CSS in a web page?
Introducing CSS Selectors
Using Multiple Selectors
The Cascade and Specificity
Always Use Standards Mode
A Skeleton for Our Sample Website
2. Layout Techniques
The Box Model
Block versus Inline
Shorthand versus Longhand CSS
Float-based Layouts
Clearing Floats
Positioning in CSS
What about Responsive Web Design?
Using box-sizing for Intuitive Sizing
Adding More Layout Styles
Floating the “Latest Recipes” Images
Layout Styles for the Header
Laying out the Promo Photo
Laying out the Footer
Laying out the “Most Popular” Recipes
What’s the future of CSS Layouts?
3. Backgrounds, Borders, and More
Rounded Corners
Values and Units
Opacity versus Color-based Transparency
Adding Shadows to Elements
What about text shadows?
4. Links, Text, and Custom Fonts
Styling Links and Text
Changing Link Color
Using Custom Web Fonts
Using @font-face
Including the Different Font Files
Generating the Font Files
@font-face Review
Using Our New Fonts on RecipeFinder
Cleaning Things Up
Styling the Footer Section
Adding Styles to Text in the Sidebar
5. Getting Fancy
Hover Effects
Vendor Prefixes
Defining the Origin of a Transform
Combining Transitions and Transforms
Linear Gradients
Adding More Linear Gradients
Radial Gradients
Keyframe Animations
Graceful Degradation and Page Performance
Other Cutting-edge Features
Making RecipeFinder Responsive
6. Debugging Your CSS
Understand How CSS “Errors” Work
CSS Comments
Validating CSS
CSS Hacks
Reduced Test Cases
Get Help Online
Use Online Coding Tools
Test Your Layout Early in Multiple Browsers
Use Developer Tools and a Good Text Editor

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