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Jump Start Rails


  • 167 pg
  • ★★★☆☆

Get up to speed with Ruby on Rails 4 in a weekend

Jump Start Rails

In just a few short years, Ruby on Rails has grown from cool, hipster upstart to global powerhouse. Developers around the world are passionate about Rails, and with good reason.

BUILD FAST with 60,000+ ready-to-go Ruby gems, powerful, new functionality is a never more than a few keystrokes away.

DISCOVER Test-driven development for better programming practices.

SCALE APPS Look at GitHub, Twitter, Hulu, and Penny Arcade. All huge. All successful. All Rails.

GET HIRED Search any job board, there's massive demand for Rails developers.

Those who have jumped onboard the Ruby on Rails train have never looked back and neither will you.

Learn Rails and you'll write better code, faster, spend less time setting up and maintaining code and more time building.

Consider this book an investment in your career. There's a huge and growing demand for developers with Rails skills, just look at any job board.

Learn Rails this weekend.

What you'll learn

Embrace good coding practice by learning the Rails way:

  • Convention over configuration
  • The Model–View–Controller (MVC) architecture
  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Don't repeat yourself (DRY)

Make web development a much slicker process with Rails. It's built on the Ruby programming language, which is a delight to work with too.

Who should do this

This book is for programmers new to Ruby and new to Rails.

Back-end developers experienced on other programming languages such as PHP will be able to get up to speed with Rails’ fundamentals in a weekend.

It is assumed that you know your way about the command line, and some programming fundamentals.

Code Archive

Save time, download the code archive here

  • ★★☆☆☆

    Too many errors. The code compiles but the examples are outdated making the book confusing for its target audience, beginners.
  • Very good. The book met my expectations.
About the Author
Who Should Read This Book
Conventions Used
Supplementary Materials
Do you want to keep learning?
1. Getting on Rails
Do I need to know Ruby?
What You'll Need
The Rails Stack
Rails and MVC
Installing Rails
Some Other Options
Installing Ruby Gems
A Word about Editors
2. Starting an App
Data First?
Hello, World
A Simple App
The Project Folders
Some Notes About the Controller
Setting the Default Page
Creating a Route
Some Styling
Putting up Some Scaffolding
Test Driven Development
Creating a Layout with Bootstrap
Some Notes about the Rails Asset Pipeline
3. Working with Data
Starting the App
A Little Bit of Planning…
Generating a Model
Adding Another Resource
Some Rails Routing Notes
Installing ActiveAdmin
4. Creating an ActiveAdmin Resource
Creating Admin Functionality Manually
Creating Resources with ActiveAdmin
Back to the Dashboard
Editing the Pages Listing
A New Resource
Adding Recent Posts to the Dashboard
Controlling Fields on the Forms
5. Adding More Features
The FriendlyId Gem
Managing Metadata
Creating a Layout with Bootstrap
6. Deploying to Heroku
Using Partials to Add a Twitter Feed
A Dash of CoffeeScript
Hello, Heroku
Adding a Custom Domain Name

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