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Modernizr: front-end development done right


  • 57m
  • ★★★⋆☆

New web technologies are fun... until you have to support old browsers. Modernizr can help.

Modernizr is a feature detection library that works by running tests to see what CSS3 and HTML5 features the current browser supports. It then gives you CSS classes and a JavaScript API so you can tailor a solid experience around what the current browser is capable of. This course will take you through getting up to speed with Modernizr through to using its more advanced features and how you can add your own custom feature detects using the plugin architecture. 

What you'll learn

  • Use Modernizr in your CSS and Javascript
  • Injecting elements and styles project files
  • Building a Modernizr plugin

Who should do this

You may have heard of Modernizr and would like to know how to use it effectively. Even you've used it before this will open up some new techniques that you may have not been aware of. Getting up to speed with Modernizr is for people who have a keen interest in pushing their skills to the next level and cleverly taking advantage of all the cool new features in the better browsers but still giving the annoying ones a decent fallback.

To get the most form this class you should have a basic to intermediate understanding of JavaScript, and a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. You'll need a text editor and as many browser as you can get your hands on.

  • ★★★★★

    Great stuff.
  • ★★☆☆☆

    I feel like Modernizr could be better explained. I had to search Google tutorials to understand what was going on. I rather have 30 minutes of explaining what it is, the concept, the point, and basic how to use it. Especially about the CSS part. It Read more
    felt rushed with little explanation. Other than that. Modernizr is a must have if you need to to show a page to old people on old computers. Especially with iExplorer 6-7-8 that lingers on and won't let go. Windows 8 did not get the response it was expecting so there are plenty of old windows systems out there where you need to adapt scripts and css to your or customers page.
  • ★★★☆☆

    I liked the course, but thought it could have been more informative on the advanced uses. Most all of this is found on the Modernizr web site. A little too "basic" for me, was expecting more.
  • ★★★★☆

    Very technical course on a valuable resource.

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