Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

How does Learnable work?

Learnable is an online learning environment where community members enjoy unlimited access to online books, courses, video lessons, and other educational content focused on web design and web development.

Learnable books and courses cover a wide range of web design and development topics. More new books and courses come online each month—helping you stay on the cutting edge.

You'll be plugged into a community of web developers and designers interested in the same sort of stuff as you.

I'm new to web development. Where should I start?

If you’re still new to web development, the easiest place to start is with our beginner course Build Your First Website, or SitePoint’s Build Your Own Website the Right Way.

If you had something a little more specific in mind, just send us an email and our friendly support team will give you some more detailed advice.

Is there a limit on how much content can I access?

No, there isn’t. Learnable members get unlimited access to all our content to view online—that includes books, courses and videos. You can enroll in as many courses, and read as many books as you like—in fact, we’d encourage it!

What are credits?

Sometimes you don’t have access to a computer, and that’s where download credits come in. They’re used to ‘unlock’ downloads for books and courses to read offline—handy for when you’re travelling, or stuck without internet access.

Unlock downloads for a book, and you’ll have access to three formats, compatible with just about any ereader or tablet device:

  • ePub: Natively supported by Apple’s iBooks app, as well as most ereader devices. Read our instructions for uploading books to your iPad, iPhone or iPod.
  • PDF: Easily opened on almost any computer, the PDF download gives you the same layout and structure as the printed version of the book.
  • mobi: A format used by Amazon Kindle devices, easily uploaded straight to your Kindle. Read our instructions here.

Unlock downloads for a course, and you’ll be given the option of downloading videos in HD or SD formats.

What does a course look like?

Learnable courses are made up of lessons, like a subject in school was made up of classes. You start at the beginning and build your skills with each lesson.

Like a school class, each lesson might include text, video, exercises, and other resources. Everything’s online—all you need is a web browser. And if you already know some of the material, you can skip it.

In the Learnable discussion threads, you can ask questions about lessons, boost your understanding of the materials, and avoid that I-don’t-get-it feeling that eventually sees you cutting class to hang out behind the bike sheds, getting caught by that beady-eyed math teacher, and sitting through hours of boring detention … or was that just us?

Accounts and membership

Can I change my membership plan?

You sure can! If you’d like to move from a monthly membership to our annual option, this is as easy as visiting your membership settings and clicking on the “upgrade” button.

If you’re an annual user looking to downgrade to a monthly membership, our support team will be able to set this up for you—just let us know.

How do I set up a membership?

This is super easy! If you have a Learnable account already, head to your membership settings page to upgrade.

Otherwise, visit join Learnable to review our plans and decide which one will work for you. You’ll have a new account created for you automatically.

What’s the difference between a monthly and an annual plan?

Under a monthly plan, you’ll be paying $29 per month for access to Learnable. Upgrade to a six month plan and save $75, or a yearly plan and save $199. Yearly plans also include unlimited downloads.

Monthly plans, as the name suggest, are billed to your credit card monthly. Annual plans are charge yearly. There are no long term contracts - both plans can be canceled at any time.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes—this is easily done from your membership settings page. Just indicate how long you’d like to take a break, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, visit the membership settings page and scroll down to the “Membership plan” heading. You’ll see a link to cancel your membership at the bottom of the page.

I just created a Learnable account. Do I need to pay for it?

Learnable accounts are totally free to use, and you have access to your account, regardless of whether you have a membership or not.

If you don’t have an active membership, you can use your Learnable account to access past purchases from Learnable or SitePoint, redeem vouchers and coupons, and access any prepaid courses.

Content that you’ve accessed as a Learnable member—such as courses you have enrolled in, or books that you have downloaded—will only be available as long as your membership is active. Products that you’ve purchased from Learnable or SitePoint remain available indefinitely.

Books, courses and videos

Can I download a book? Which format should I choose?

You certainly can! As with courses, all you need to do is visit that book's page, and click on the big green 'Download' button - you'll even get a choice of download formats. It costs one credit to unlock all the formats available for a book.

  • PDF is supported by just about any desktop computer, and can also be viewed on many mobile devices. It's a page-based format, so it provides the closest equivalent to a printed book. That said, if the screen of your device is too small or large, reading a PDF can be cumbersome. Mac users generally view PDF files with Preview, while Adobe Reader is popular on Windows.
  • EPUB is the industry standard for digital books, and is supported by almost all ebook readers (with the notable exception of Amazon’s Kindle devices). To read an EPUB book on your desktop computer, Adobe Digital Editions is a free download - otherwise, check out our instructions for iOS devices and Android smartphones.
  • MOBI format is a quirky file format supported by Amazon Kindle devices, and the Kindle app for devices like the Apple iPad. To read a MOBI book on your Kindle device, connect your Kindle to your computer and drag the file onto the Kindle’s file system. You can also sync your books across multiple devices using the Personal Document Service.

Can I download Learnable courses?

Learnable courses are best experienced online. They’re just more, well, learnable. With that said, sometimes it’s more convenient to take a course offline - on a plane for example, which is why we've made it possible to download the videos from every course for one credit.

It's as easy as opening up the course from "My Learnable" and clicking the big green 'Unlock downloads' button. This will take you to the table of contents page, from where there and at any time, you'll see the list of available video downloads in either HD or SD format. Right hand click on the option you prefer and choose "Save as" to the location you prefer.

If you have any problems with this process, please let us know.

Do you have a course on _____?

You can browse all our content on our topics page... plus, we release new content almost every week! If you’re after something we don’t have, suggest it in our community area. That’s how we decide what to add next :)

Are Learnable courses captioned?

Caption files are helpful for people who have hearing disabilities, or who are watching your course in an environment where they can’t have headphones on, and can’t have sound playing at full volume.

Learnable offers caption files on most of our popular courses. You can see whether a course has captions available, underneath the details of the author on the course information page, like here. Work is underway to provide caption files on all of our courses.

Is there a particular course you'd like to see captioned? Let us know!

Can I access books or courses without a membership?

Membership is the best value, but you can buy books and courses individually if you prefer. The latest courses are $79, and books are $29.

Purchases will in your account, please sign in using the email that you used when purchasing a product.

Legacy SitePoint course customers: You can access your past book purchases by logging into your user account. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password here. If you can't remember what email address your courses were under, let us know and we can look it up for you.

About Learnable

Do you have an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is coming soon! If you're interested in taking part, please apply here and we'll be in touch when it launches.

Can I join Learnable as a teacher?

Teaching a course on Learnable is the perfect way to build an audience, share your skills, establish yourself as an industry leader... and a great way to make some extra cash!

If you’re interested in teaching a course, please fill out the application form here.

What is Learnable's refund policy?

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on both memberships and book/course purchases. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know.

Learnable memberships

  • Signed up for Learnable, but not completely satisfied? Cancel any time during your first month as a subscriber, and you’re entitled to a full refund on your first membership payment. Just contact our support team to request it.
  • After your first month, you are responsible for any membership charges. It’s easy to cancel any time — just head to your membership settings page. We are not able to refund membership fees after your first month.

Individual book or course purchases

  • If you’re not satisfied with a book or course purchase, you’re entitled to a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Just email us at and we’ll arrange a refund right away.

You can cancel your account from your membership settings page. If you think there’s been a billing error, please contact our support team.

How does the 30-day satisfaction guarantee work?

Here at SitePoint, we're confident that you'll be happy with our books and courses. If you're not completely happy, let us know within 30 days, and we'll promptly arrange a refund. The guarantee applies to all book, course, and memberships for the first 30 days after purchase.

For Learnable memberships, we're happy to offer refunds under our satisfaction guarantee until your first renewal date, generally 30 days after you sign up to the site.

If you would like to take us up on this offer, please contact our support team to share your thoughts, and so that they can process your refund.

Hey, I like this! Can I refer a friend?

That's what we like to hear!

If you've got a friend who you think might enjoy Learnable, you can use our handy refer-a-friend tool to set them up with a month's free access. You can send it to them by email, or through a simple link on Twitter or Facebook.

Still have questions?